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Security & Emergency Lighting

innovative approach to security & emergency lighting

Our remote monitoring can be used as part of a home, apartment or commercial building security alarm system supporting a wide variety of sensors, motion detectors, door and window reed switches, glass break detectors and external PIR sensors.

The development of sensors such as beam detectors and gas detectors and our innovative approach to Intelligent Building Automation integrating security, safety, energy management, assisted technologies and assisted living opens up a world of new opportunities.

If you’re in security, then you need to talk to us.

In early 2015 via our R&D facility, Vantage Point Digital Technologies Ltd we successfully incorporated our real time remote monitoring technology in an innovative totally cable free Emergency Lighting System with in built voltage sensor.

The system comprises of a Wireless Transmitter with built in voltage sensor, wireless light units and browser based software in order to access the monitoring activity. We supply batteries that have an operational lifespan of 5 years, monitored in real time, and this easy ready to fit system in either historic or modern buildings challenges the need for cabled systems.

We have an exclusive UK partner marketing the emergency lighting and for all enquiries on this product range, please get in contact with us.