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IoT – the internet of things

Real Time Analytics

IoT, IIoT, 4IR, IaaS

In today’s world, the mention of IoT – the Internet of Things, the hype is all about Big Data but very little understanding as to where the data originates, in what form and how it is best used in real time. We in VantagePoint accept the value in big data but take a proactive approach in focusing and delivering to our clients meaningful solutions;

Smart Data vs Big Data

Real Time Analytics vs Predictive Analytics

Planned Maintenance vs Unplanned Maintenance.

Our innovative platform allows us to drive IoT as a Service (IaaS) but for those that know better, IaaS has normally stood for Infrastructure as a Service. With VantagePoint technology and being able to connect any sensor, switch, proprietary database and record M&E services we can indeed deliver the Infrastructure model in its purest and most effective form.

The schematic below, illustrates our end to end solution in it’s simplistic but effective form.

For #IoT we offer real time remote monitoring from a time frame upwards of one (1) second and for #IIoT from a millisecond (1/1,000), thus our ability to work with programmable logic controllers (PLC).