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buildings, offices, hotels, supermarkets, retail outlets, banks, public houses, manufacturing facilities, distribution units, care homes ....


We’re discussing the use of our real time remote monitoring throughout the property market, commercial and housing, with developers, property management, facilities management and maintenance & engineering companies successfully determining cost reductions in energy, maintenance and services.

Using banks as an example; the Big 4 in the UK have a property portfolio of over 4,500 buildings. The cost of energy alone runs into hundreds of £millions per annum. How do they control, maintain and reduce this cost and others?

Utilising VantagePoint technology allows the facility of real time remote monitoring of electro- mechanical equipment (anything that switches on/off) determining the efficiency, or lack of, and the increase in use of energy consumed as a result. As a result, faulty and/or deteriorating equipment can be repaired or serviced before it fails whilst taking early action to ensure energy consumption does not escalate.

Our unique monitor also facilitates the recording of services which can also be fed via an API into either an Asset Management or Facilities Management software system.


Examples of a wide variety of equipment in buildings are listed below.

We will continue to grow this list over time.


elevators, travelators, escalators

Whereas the world market for elevators, travelators and escalators is dominated by Otis, Mitsubishi Electric, Schindler, Kone and Thyssen Krupp, all with their own monitoring systems, the advantage with VantagePoint is that property portfolio owners have multi buildings with various elevators etc. and we can monitor any make and model whilst also monitoring other equipment on one platform.


The need for monitoring refrigerators and freezers has seen the development of sensors allowing temperature, humidity, gas, door open/close, smoke and many others to be monitored. Whereas the current monitoring tends to be manufacturer specific, we can monitor multiple units from multiple suppliers from multiple locations on one platform.


In our research to date, VantagePoint has found that in the external environment, such as the rise in river levels that can cause flooding, is computer modelled. We believe by using industrial float switches mounted on poles on the river side greater accuracy in alarms and data can be used to warn communities of impending flooding far earlier.

Our second piece of research indicates that industrial and commercial buildings often have a £30,000 excess on their insurance policy for flooding whether this be via a burst pipe or the threat of external flooding. We believe there is a case for reducing this by using float switches in the basement of the property albeit not negating the threat if the property is within a known external flood plain.


Apart from monitoring the On/Off status there are a number of pump sensors to monitor the temperature, leakage or vibration status of a pump or mixer.

Temperature monitoring - Temperature sensors, thermal contacts and thermistors for stator winding monitoring.

Leakage monitoring - Float switches and water-in-oil sensor for leakage detection in the inspection chamber of pumps.

Vibration monitoring - Sensor for monitoring of vibration level.

hvac - heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Continuously monitoring the general condition and efficiency of an HVAC system in any building can significantly reduce cost in energy, maintenance services. When the condition or efficiency of the HVAC system falls below set standard values by a pre-set value an alert and/or SMS is sent allowing the engineer or engineering response centre (M&E) to take immediate action.

Those running Care Homes, Hotels, Offices and unsupervised accommodation can particularly take advantage.


For those in the Facilities Management industry the key to success is in ensuring zero downtime in the operating of equipment and services.

Our monitors have a facility to record both arrival and departure time and where maintenance engineers work on specific equipment we record the details building up a log of item reliability and cost. The schematic shows just an example of those items of equipment and services that can be monitored on a single platform. We also provide the facility to monitor multiple sites, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.