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innovative energy monitoring and reduction

We have the ability to measure (analogue) and monitor (digital) helping the reduction in energy use and the drive towards a carbon neutral economy.

VantagePoint works with a wide number of companies and R&D institutions in the energy and energy management industry offering our single real time remote monitoring technology connecting sensors, new and developing, ranging from the monitoring of power on the National Grid to specific electro-mechanical equipment whether these be as part of the commercial building infrastructure such as heating, lighting, hvac and escalators or equipment within a manufacturing environment.

Our marketing focus in the energy sector is working with those wishing to reduce energy consumption within buildings, (commercial , housing and care homes) rail infrastructure, airports and the facilities management sector via their maintenance and engineering resource. As a result in launching our technology  into the market, we’re particularly working in Intelligent Building Automation, with energy management companies offering a more detailed analysis in real time on energy consumption and those looking at the installation of electric, gas and water meters.

Working in this sector? You should be talking to us.