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Big Data

Big Data Vs Smart Data

There is much hype about Big Data especially those promoting Cloud Services but we find many clients struggling with both the volume and meaningful use of the data in their day 2 day operations. We enable the use of Big Data for business intelligence, trends and predictive analytics but we focus on Smart Data and in real time remote monitoring.

Monitoring is in three forms; condition monitoring, measuring and tracking.

Real time condition monitoring provides real time analytics enabling instant decision making.  For example, as the world accepts the need to adopt the principles of Advanced Manufacturing, improving both process and product, the real emphasis is geared towards productivity by reducing downtime and waste (rejects). Therefore to have the ability to know when something begins to fail and not when it has failed allows better resourcing of M&E services and planned maintenance. The same principles apply to those wishing to maximise their assets whether they be in buildings, manufacturing or the environment such as utilities etc.

Ask yourself the question; If your predictive analytics was so good, why do you expend so much resource on unplanned maintenance?

The solution to the problem is provided by VantagePoint Technology.