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what it costs - Operational Expense Vs Capital Expense

Our policy on pricing is to ensure that our technology is readily available to all users and applications, large and small, maintaining an affordable and effective approach in the adoption of our technology solution.

Operational Expense Vs Capital Expense

The initial investment starts from £500 with annual and consumable costs of £305.

Pricing is based on what you need keeping any investment an operational expense Vs a capital expense thus making a quick return on investment a reality.

We have devised a pricing model that ensures you only acquire what you need allowing you to expand the system as you deem appropriate. The items offered in our solution can consist of;

Remote Monitor – Ethernet enabled with 8 digital channels
Remote Monitor – 3G enabled with 8 digital channels
Digital input expansion board
Analogue input expansion board
Monitor Software License
Virtual Monitor (alternative, MS Windows based, virtual monitor)
Additional item license
Initial setup (services, database, web application)
Additional web application concurrent user license
Monitor hosting, support and maintenance
Web application support and maintenance
Training and consultancy

We’re happy to run through the pricing in order to give you a guide. Just talk to us by contacting us anytime.