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simple steps to installation

There are two key areas of activity in the installation of VantagePoint.

The first is to prepare the Web Application and the second is to install the remote monitors. Both stages are undertaken by the customer who should ideally have received suitable training from VantagePoint and our documentation before work starts. The data hierarchy is very flexible to accommodate any customer requirement and this is the starting point for the installation project. Once the data hierarchy is in place it is possible to commence the installation of the remote monitors. This itself generates key data that has to be added to the bare hierarchy to begin to build meaning to the events being monitored.

The remote monitors are very easily connected to a vast range of inputs. The digital monitor simply requires a volt-free contact (a switch), which could be a relay, read switch, title switch, PIR etc.  The analogue monitor connects to any variable voltage or variable current analogue sensor. The installation engineer would need to record key details at this stage which get input into the Web Application. The user of the data would play a key role in deciding thereafter how they want VantagePoint to work with these sensors and what to do in each of the circumstances being monitored.