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frequently asked questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions

We will add all questions on this page over time in order to address all and every query, however, we believe in ensuring support to both current and potential customers, therefore please feel to contact us at anytime and we’ll endeavour to respond by return.

Vantage Point can provide as much support and guidance as needed. We can tailor a project to suit your objectives. Such a project could include consultancy to build a solutions design, or it could be to train installation engineers, web application training or to provide on-site support or simply just telephone and email support.

We provide a support and maintenance contract which gives you reasonable unlimited hotline support and email support with any issues you may be experiencing or questions you have.

Absolutely.  With this optional service if almost anything happens to your monitor, just give us a call and we’ll send you a free replacement; in the meanwhile just return the damaged unit. This works on a trust basis and can only work if that trust is not abused.

Yes, no problem. Keep as many as you need to ensure that you have minimal downtime in the event of an issue. All you do is pull out the old monitor and connect up the new one, then do some easy keyboard work on the web application and hey presto! This can also work alongside the extended warranty optional plan.

Email alerts are unlimited, SMS/Text message can be purchased in quantity blocks from Vantage Point.  We’ll let you know if you are running low.

Not necessarily.  We have an api which is included in the Solution Configuration Guide.

Yes, please speak to us about what you need. This could be a custom built dashboard or report or it could be specific functionality.  We’ll give you a fixed price quote and let you know the time scale.

With our associate electronics partner we have a team of specialists capable of designing and manufacturing any specialised application for remote monitoring.  Examples include electric fence monitoring, emergency lighting, remote equipment power up/power down, commercial building and residential home monitoring.

VantagePoint has successfully developed a technology platform whereby we can connect any switch, sensor or propriety database and record M&E services into a single effective platform and in real time.

We have the facility to condition monitor (digital) combined with measuring (analogue), from a time frequency upwards of a millisecond.

Our disruptive technology is designed to achieve real time remote monitoring on a single platform providing for the exponential growth in sensors (IoT, IIoT) and at an affordable cost.

There is currently no other single solution available that combines ‘’any switch, sensor or propriety database and record M&E services’’ in real time.

Our monitors are either Ethernet or 2/3G enabled thus providing for both static and motion provision.

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