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Vantage Point documentation covers all aspects of the installation, configuration and use of the entire technology platform and includes:

Introduction to the Vantage Point Remote Monitoring System

This guide explains the key components of Vantage Point and how they all work together and who takes responsibility for which aspects of each component.  This helps the reader gain a clear understanding of how the system works, its capabilities and its potential.

Installation Guide

Specifications are given for each component along with details on how and where to install them.  Guidance is given on how to attach the monitors to customer equipment so these tasks can be completed safely and effectively.

Web application – Solution Configuration Guide

Explains what the web application does, how to configure and maintain the data hierarchy, how to configure the meaning of each input and what to do when each input is in its various states including sending of alerts. All aspects of maintaining and optimising the entire client solution are covered.

Web Application User Guide

This is a purely functional guide explaining how each screen on the web application works and why it is there. It would be used closely with the web application configuration guide.