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VantagePoint shortlisted for RBS Innovation Gateway Round 3

21 Feb 2017

The Challenge – Remote monitoring and maintenance

To monitor and manage the status and performance of Mechanical & Electrical plant across multiple sites, and need to be alerted if system faults are detected or if maintenance is required. The process for monitoring plant status and performance in a timely fashion across multiple sites is labour intensive and prone to human error.

In addition, some these sites are vacant or intermittently occupied, and gaining access to them in order to ensure continued compliance with statutory and mandatory safety standards, whilst reducing the cost of maintenance and energy consumption, is a continuing challenge. (Remote Monitoring)

The Solution
Do you have an innovative solution that could reduce the cost of collecting timely and accurate status and performance data from different plant and equipment types distributed across multiple sites? Or a solution that allows us to ensure continued site access and compliance at vacant sites whilst reducing the cost of maintenance and energy consumption?

The answer is Yes, VantagePoint has the solution. This is exactly what we offer and we’re looking forward to presenting our solution in London on 28th February to RBS and their partners.