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Cyber-Physical Systems

17 Feb 2017

The term Cyber-Physical System (CPS) describes hardware-software systems that combine the physical world and the virtual world.

”Established from networked embedded systems that are connected with the outside world through sensors and actuators and have the capability to collaborate, adapt, and evolve. Cyber-Physical Systems are described as ‘Embedded Intelligent ICT Systems’ that make products smarter, more interconnected, interdependent, collaborative, and autonomous. In the future world of CPS, a huge number of devices connected to the physical world will be able to exchange data with each other, access web services, and interact with people. Moreover, information systems will sense, monitor and even control the physical world via Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things (HiPEAC Vision 2015).”

Prof. John Fitzgerald (University of Newcastle, UK) and Dr. Claire Ingram (University of Newcastle, UK) played leading roles in the Road2CPS project, commissioned by the European Commission, which investigated challenges & opportunities in cyber-physical systems, digitisation & IoT.

Workshops with practitioners and researchers across Europe (including a workshop in Newcastle which VanatgePoint attended and contributed), to collect recommendations and thoughts on current challenges.

Outputs from these workshops have now been combined and collected in a eBook to produce final recommendations in an excellent written report by Dr Meike Reimann and Carsten Rückriegel (Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany). You can find it here: