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our hardware


Our digital monitors are either Ethernet or 3G enabled with the flexibility to incorporate either digital expansion boards (monitoring) or our analogue board (measuring).

With the membrane (keypad) being an integral part of the monitor, this allows for registering both Hard FM (M&E) and Soft FM (cleaning etc.) services.

The innovative technology developed by Vantage Point is our centrally hosted services where all your equipment and service event data is sent in real time across the internet.

As the remote monitor detects a reportable event based on the input information provided and the configuration parameters set for each input, a packet of data is sent to a central web hosted application. Packets are sequence controlled and time stamped. They are stored on the monitor’s non-volatile memory until it receives positive confirmation that the packet has been received by the central host. From there, depending on your requirements, we can raise a specified critical alert message by email or SMS/text to nominated persons or we can simply store the event or reading for later analysis.

Events can be simple usage data, failure data or service visit related data.

Remote monitors are located at each item of equipment and provide any number of digital or analogue inputs.