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Remote Monitoring Application Programming Interface (API) .......... virtual monitoring

VantagePoint remote monitoring system offers centralised remote monitoring of a broad spectrum of inputs. These inputs could be digital (on/off, open/closed etc.), analogue readings (temperature, humidity, load, acceleration, current etc.) or service visit activity.

These inputs can be derived from any source. Very often users will make use of the VantagePoint remote monitors to gather inputs. These are physical units that are connected to switches or sensors in or around equipment. They contain our PCBs, service registration touchpad and firmware. The data collected is assessed according to a given configuration and communicate any inputs to our central servers via Ethernet or 3G.

Inputs do not necessarily have to derive from the physical remote monitor: VantagePoint offers two further methods to interface with the remote monitoring system:
1) An installable Windows Service that runs on a Windows computer
2) A DLL class library to allow developers to interface their programs directly with VantagePoint
These two methods are described in more detail below.

The full technical details are available upon request.

Installable Windows Service
This involves the installation of our Windows service program and Microsoft Access runtime on a pc/server. We then provide a small database which our services populate with configuration data specific to that site. The assumption is that the user has their own control or monitoring program running on that computer and this would update the status and readings on the Access database. Our services monitor the database for new situations, assesses these in light of the local configuration and where necessary communicates inputs to our services using Ethernet communications.

DLL Class Library
A DLL class library can be included in your in-house Microsoft applications allowing them to interface directly with our services. Your application would need to provide a repository for local configuration data in order to achieve this.